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Aleksandra Włudarczyk

Cooperation with clients

We have long-term experience in rendering services to different national and international business entities. We prepare individual statements and reports supporting the process of running a business activity.

Cooperation with clients includes the following:


  • Sending accounting documents

Depending on the clients' needs, the receipt of the accounting documents takes place at the Inland Revenue, at the client's registered office, or via postal mail or courier.


  • Contact and representation before external entities

On behalf of the client we contact external entities, such as the Inland Revenue, Social Insurance Company (ZUS), Central Statistical Office (GUS), Labor Office and National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON). By virtue of the powers of attorney granted, we represent clients before external authorities, such as the Inland Revenue and ZUS.


  • Auxiliary reports

Upon the client's request, we prepare all sorts of auxiliary statements, records and reports.  The frequency of the above-mentioned reports depends on the individual needs of the client. The reports particularly relate to: the receivable and liability structure, current profit and loss of a company, and other areas of the business activity depending on the client's needs. Furthermore, we prepare all sorts of analyses supporting decision-making within the framework of the business activity.


  • Mediation in contacts with Legal Counsel Law Firms and OHS Specialists.

For many years we have been working with several Legal Counsels and OHS Specialists. We mediate in the organization of meetings with our advisers, and such meetings may also take place at the Office depending on the client's request.


  • Manager's Dashboard

Our clients are provided with a possibility to use the Manager's Dashboard prepared especially for them, which allows up-to-date access to accounting records concerning their business activities. The access to the accounting records is secured with a password individually ascribed to a given client, which makes the use of the Dashboard 100% safe.


  • Additional services

On behalf of the client, we prepare and send wire transfers to banks.

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