Tax and Accounting Office "Sandra"
Aleksandra Włudarczyk

Handling tax and accounting matters

We handle accounting matters for both national and international entities in all sorts of records, in particular Account Books, Revenue and Expense Ledgers, Tax on Recorded Revenue without Deductible Costs and Constant Amount Tax. We keep our clients duly updated with all essential information.

The general tax and accounting services for national and international entities include:

  • Records of accounting documents

Substantive and formal verification of accounting documents received from clients, and their subsequent recording in the accounting program.

  • Preparation of statements and records

Up-to-date preparation of all accounting and HR records as provided for by law, and also - upon request of the client - any other auxiliary records.

  • Preparation of statements

Timely preparation of all necessary statements and submitting them with relevant external entities, such as the Inland Revenue, ZUS and GUS, both in traditional and electronic forms thanks to the e-Statement service.


Furthermore, within the scope of particular types of records, we offer the following:

  • Revenue and Expense Ledger

Within the framework of the Revenue and Expense Ledger we prepare a joint annual return for both the person running a business activity as well as his/her spouse. We also keep records of mileage, if necessary.


  • Account Books

Upon the client's request, we develop the Corporate Chart of Accounts and Accounting Policy.

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